Powder Feed Dynamics, Inc.
Manufacturers of Precision Powder Feeders for Thermal Spray
The MARK XV Precision Powder Feeder is a volumetric powder feeder designed
to feed fine, powdered media with unparalleled consistency and reliability.  While
our primary focus is the Thermal Spray Coating industry, the
MARK XV serves a
wide variety of applications and industries where metering, dispensing, and
eeding fine powder to a given point of deposition is critical to the success of the

MARK XV is of robust design and manufacture, and incorporates a
synergistic combination of a Feed Screw, Vibratory Drive and two secondary
Cyclonic mixing chambers to achieve unmatched performance.

The use of a feed screw has long been the standard for feeding different types of
materials because of its' positive feeding nature. Unlike fluidized bed and wheel
feeders, It provides a constant, repeatable delivery of media that is not adversely
affected by pressure variations, distance of feed, direction or gravity.

Utilization of a vibratory drive to impart variable vibration to the powder hopper
produces a semi-fluid state whereby the powder is continually mixed and blended
within the powder canister.  This unique action prevents the material from
segregating due to particle size and density, and facilitates consistent loading of
the feed screw flights.  

Lastly, as the powder exits the feeder it passes through a Cyclone Mixer that
further mixes the powder and assures a full distribution  throughout the gas stream.
Any remaining irregularities or pulsations are buffered here, fully optimizing and
conditioning the powder/gas mixture as it is delivered to the point of deposition.  

This unique design sets us apart from other feeders and is the at the heart of the
MARK XV's versatility, reliability, and performance.

MARK XV delivers unmatched performance where most others fail, and is
particularly forgiving of problematic materials, and lower feed rates.  It is a feeder
that has withstood the test of ti
me and earned a reputation for overcoming
challenging feeding issues, where other feeders don't make the cut.
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