Powder Feed Dynamics, Inc.
Services -
Powder Feed Dynamics provides a full array of services related to our product line.  From full powder feeder
(see below) and repair to conducting feed tests, you can be confident in our professional services and
OEM standards.   

Powder Feeder refurbishment is an excellent, cost effective service that can return your feeder to a productive tool for your
business.  Whether your feeder needs a total refurbishment, or just a tune-up, the highest standards of quality and
workmanship will be applied to assure that your feeder is returned to 100% of original specifications.  

You call the shots.  We will inspect your feeder and provide an itemized, estimated cost to repair .  From there, you decide
what is best for you.

Scroll below to view examples of  refurbished feeders.
Component repair:

Powder Feed Dynamics provides repair and rebuilding services for the following components.  Our professional service will
guarantee that your components are properly repaired and back in service quickly.  Simply contact us, ship your component
to us, and we'll do the rest.

  • Cyclone Mixer Assembly
  • Seal Block Assembly
  • Pinch Valves
  • Carburetor Mixer Assembly
Feeder repair before
Feeder repair after
Feeder repair after
Feeder repair before
Before -
Before -
After -
After -