Powder Feed Dynamics, Inc.
Tafa, Inc.  Model 5500 Powder Feeder -
Powder Feed Dynamics manufactured and
provided all of the Tafa Model 5500 powder
feeders for the JP-5000 and the PlazJet from
product launch through the PraxAir/Tafa merger.  

These feeders are nearly identical to the
Precision Powder Feeder and are 100%
parts compatible.

CE versions of the 5500 powder feeder,
primarily sold in Europe, have modifications
specific to the applicable CE directive.  These
feeders are also supported fully by Powder
Feed Dynamics.  

Genuine OEM replacement parts, service, and
replacement feeders are available through
Powder Feed Dynamics, Inc.   

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Tafa model 5500 powder feeder
Tafa Model 5500 Powder Feeder