500 psi cold spray feeder
plastics feeder
MARK XV-E Economy feeder
Powder Feed Dynamics designs and manufactures custom powder feeders for a wide variety of demanding
applications and industries.  We specialize in feeding, metering or dispensing fine powder.  Whether you are
bulk feeding, or precision feeding fine powder, our design, and the flexibility that it offers, is easily configured to
accommodate a wide variety of feeding requirements.  

By utilizing a proven means of feeding, metering and dispensing fine powder, we have earned a reputation for  
providing solutions for even the most problematic materials and processes.

Please contact us to discuss your feeding application and learn how we can provide a solution.
High Pressure Cold Spray Feeder
500 psi max operating pressure
Economy sensitive solution
Large capacity, high volume,
thermoplastics feeder
Custom Solutions -
Powder Feed Dynamics, Inc.